What is that secret agreement between Naidu and Jagan?!

Jagan Chandrababu Naidu

Is it true? Will this ever be even possible? Can Jagan Mohan Reddy and Chandra Babu Naidu ever even be friendly even for show? Well, we don’t know that it may never happen. All we can wonder is if this could be true this time and if so, why? What for? And when did this take place?

Diving into the details, Andhra Pradesh’s Ex-Principal Secretary, IYR Krishna Rao had made these statements on the YSRCP party and Telugu Desam Party. He said that both these political parties have made a mutual understanding that they will not give way for any third front to rise in the State. He made tweets on Saturday on the same.

This whole Capital issue, in turn, makes both the parties stronger. While one party takes the side of One Capital, another stands with 3-Capitals. This creates a strong agenda for both of them and leaves no space for a third party to make an agenda to stand out, says Krishna Rao.

He also adds that even the media is not covering any other party or politician who is active in State politics. This all looks like agenda-based politics making public fools once again, adds Rao.