What does Reservation Supreme Court judgement mean to AP?

Supreme Court

Reservations!!! This word has taken more than necessary importance in Indian Policy. The politicians have especially misused the whole concept and now it stands as a huge barrier between development and poverty.

While back then a freedom fighter has brought this to Indian Constitution for the upliftment of certain classes, now it has become the reason for many other classes to lose opportunities for development, higher education and employment. It even is making people expect easy job promotions in Central and State Government jobs and submitted a petition in Uttarakhand High Court in 2012 September 5th.

Now the Supreme Court has passed a judgement that clarified that job promotions are purely on merit basis and also it will never be accepted to consider caste reservations in this regard, clarified Supreme Court with no hesitation whatsoever.

Now, both Jagan Mohan Reddy as well as Chandra Babu Naidu has been very vocal on this topic all through their rule and campaigns too. With this clarification from the Supreme Court, how will they both justify to the Public to whom they made so many false promises on higher jobs with caste reservations?