Vennela Kishore nails in Bigg Boss 3

Vennela Kishore is emerging as a star comedian with his constant fun episodes in in the recent films. He even entered the Bigg Boss house and managed to evoke few laughs, by entertaining the contestants.

As part of the Manmadhudu 2 promotions in the house, Vennela Kishore, who played a prominent role in the film had been invited as the guest. In a few minutes of his presence on the stage, the comedian was able to comment on every housemate.

For the kind of points he took out about every contestant, many wondered if the comedian is really following the show, on a regular basis and also opined that he had a better idea about the episodes than the host Nagarjuna.

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Interestingly, Vennela tried to caution the contestants like Rahul, saying that he is being projected as a playboy outside. He appreciated Himaja, for her decision about not willing to invite Punarnavi and Ali, back into the house, thus hinting that she has enough support from the public, if not from the contestants.

In his limited time, he was able to save Baba Bhaskar and even delivered a lengthy dialogue from the film and later left the stage, bidding goodbye to the contestants.