Varun-Vithika romance troubling families!

Romance between a male and female contestant is quite common in Bigg Boss. While the romance of Tejaswi Madivada and Samrat, irritated the family audience big time in Bigg Boss 2, now Varun and Vithika are all set to enter the similar zone.

As Varun-Vithika are real life couple, their chemistry is supposed to give some couple goals to the singles. In fact, it could also be the intention of Bigg Boss, for picking the couple in season 3.

But the things are going too far day-by-day. While in one of the earlier episodes, when Vithika was keen to hug Varun and want him to reciprocate the same, the scene irritated the family audience.

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Now, taking it to the next level, in the last episode, the couple was seen lying on the bed, with Vithika resting her head closer to Varun. The duo is having some personal talks and Varun is seen pinching her cheeks and also kissing her on forehead quite often, during the conversation, which troubled the families watching the show.

Meanwhile, Varun also advised Vithika not to go against Sreemukhi, for which the actress turned Bigg Boss contestant said that she is not against her, but just did not like her in a few issues. While Vithika was in the last three nominations, she was able to escape it this week and Varun got nominated this week.