Varun trapped again in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu

Varun Sandesh, the only movie hero among all the other contestants of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu, was anticipated to perform well in the show and reach the finale. But it seems, there would not be any such chance for him, as the “Happy Days” star is constantly getting cheated in the hands of other housemates.

In the earlier task, Sreemukhi was able to pull off money from Varun’s pocket by manipulating him. In the similar manner, Mahesh Vitta was able to pull off egg from him in the “Dragon Eggs” task.

Right from the beginning, Varun is sensible in his arguments and other dealings with the housemates. The way he communicates a message and treats the housemates with utmost respect have been lauded well.

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But being manipulative, attentive and showing utmost concentration on every task, is equally important to win the Bigg Boss title in which Varun is lagging far behind. However, if not Varun, at least Vithika is able to give her best in every task. She protected her egg till last minute in the task, but had to forgo later, as the numerous people tried to pull it from her hands.

When it comes to the audiences response, Vithika is facing a severe negativity from them and Varun on the other side, is able to impress the public, with his smooth attitude. So it is tough to anticipate that who among the couple, will make it big in the show.