TSRTC strike slogans in Washington – NRI support to TSRTC!

Tsrtc Strike Slogans In Washington – Nri Support To Tsrtc!

TSRTC employees have been doing the strike from almost 2 months and the result of the strike is unknown. Several unions supported TSRTC but the Telangana government didn’t come down to satisfy their demands. Several key persons who worked for the Telangana movement supported TSRTC and few opposition parties too came forward to support TSRTC.

Apart from the people and the unions in India, few NRIs are now coming forward to support TSRTC. An event named Telangana Development Forum, which was attended by few politicians and NRIs, is happening in Washington, USA. Amidst the meetings, a group of NRIs came forward with TSRTC strike slogans. This created a tension situation in the Forum and the NRIs requested the politicians and the Telangana government to deal with the TSRTC issue in a soft way.

Politicians and officials present in the Forum meeting mentioned that they would do what they can do regarding the issue and the decisions will be taken keeping the future of the state and the people in mind.