TSRTC strike: Attacks on employees who joined duties!

Tsrtc Drivers Death Puts Kcr In Trouble

TSRTC strike is hitting the headlines everyday with some sort of sensation. KCR and TRS were firm on the their decision on TSRTC while the employees too were not ready to move with the government’s decisions. Meanwhile, few employees lost their lives due to the anxiety on what will happen to their future.

As TSRTC passed the TRS deadline to resume the duties, few employees with the fear of losing job, joined the duties. The employees who were protesting, attacked three employees who joined the duties in Mahbubnagar depot. A female employee too was attacked and the Police officials took charge on the attackers for the safety of the victims.

Employees attacking their peers made the opinion on TSRTC turn little negative. If there are some opinion differences, the members on strike should have sorted it out in a soft way. With this act, the opinion for the people on TSRTC strike may turn negative. KCR is expected to give a vital decision on TSRTC issue soon and everyone is looking for it.