TSRTC open challenge troubles KCR!

The fight between Telangana Chief Minister KCR and the TSRTC employees is turning worse day-by-day. After the TRS Supremo stated that the RTC employees are drawing Rs. 50000- plus salaries, it led to a severe outrage among the workers.

Holding their payslips in hand, the employees are arguing that 90 per cent of them were drawing salaries below Rs 20,000 per month, for the last 25 to 30 years. The employees further challenged that they would call off the strike and join the work, if the state government proves that they are being paid Rs. 50000 per month.

The TSRTC employees, who announced that they would conduct a strike, are continuing the same, for the last four days. In spite of the numerous troubles from the state government, the employees are continuing to conduct the strike and it has reached the 5th day now.

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The common public, that too during Dussehra season, found it tough to travel. The daily commuters like students and private employees are struggling to catch up the limited number of buses that too at higher prices than the usual.

Meanwhile, the opposition parties like Congress and BJP are deriving the best political mileage out of the situation.