TSRTC master plan on KCR

Kcr Taking Revenge On Tsrtc Employees?

The TSRTC strike has reached its 37th day and the workers are still moving ahead aggressively, even though there is no ray of hope from the state government.

The RTC workers are holding the protest in all the bus stations across the state, by wearing Black badges. RTC JAC leaders, along with all-party leaders will participate in a meeting and discuss the various programs to be carried, to bring down the government. Regarding this, they are planning to teach a lesson to the TRS government, in the upcoming municipal elections.

Telangana Chief Minister KCR severely went against the TSRTC workers right after the victory in Huzur Nagar by-elections. So to make sure that, the dynamic CM will not resort to the similar act again, the RTC workers are planning to jolt him big time, by making his party lose in the municipal elections.

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As Huzur Nagar by-election is conducted only at one constituency, the wave of TRS cannot be ascertained through its victory. The actual mettle of the ruling party can be known through the Municipal elections, as they will be held across the state. As the non-availability of buses earned a severe negativity of the public on the government, if at all TRS loses in these elections as expected, then it would be the major victory of RTC over KCR.