Trivikram should learn how to treat friends

What’s Trivikram Next Film After Ala Vaikuntapuramlo?

Trivikram Srinivas has a lot of fan base in the Telugu states not only for his writing and direction skills but also for his spiritual behavior and his unparalleled consciousness in values and manners. Hence most of the people call him with the lovable title ‘Guruji’.

This topmost director in the Telugu Film Industry witnessed the common man struggles and tough side of the industry in his earlier days of his career as a writer. Comedian Sunil has always his back when Trivikram is no one.

Trivikram said the same in many interviews about their friendship. Later, by the time Trivikram turned out as the most wanted director in the industry when Sunil has become the most wanted comedian. Then Trivikram gave him some good roles in his movies.

Now Sunil is the phase of redemption and his future is in dilemma. Trivikram who is back in form gave a couple of roles in his recent flicks but unlike their previous combinations, there is no importance for Sunil. Trivikram who possesses impeccable writing skills should have treated and paced Sunil’s role a lot definer and crucial.

Now, in the Disco Raja movie, director VI Anand gave Sunil a plot defining role and surprised all the audience. If Trivikram puts that kind of dedication to Sunil, it would be a plus factor for both of them in the future.

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