Total 106 names in CID letter on Amaravati?

Total 106 Names In Cid Letter On Amaravati?
The speed of processing in the case of Amaravati is putting the TDP leaders under great pressure. It looks like this kind of fast track investigation was not expected by them. These kind of cases were not taken very much seriously earlier by TDP as Naidu was a master in handling such crisis effortlessly.
But this time his calculations seem to have gone wrong and beyond control. With his relationship with his political allies also gone bitter in National and Regional level, he cannot expect to back on anyone to pull him out of this noose.
The CID Additional Director Sunil Kumar has written a Letter to the IT Chief Commissioner. In the letter he requested them to investigate very keenly on 106 specific names of people who have bought lands during 2018-19 year in Amaravati.
He added that IT department should take action on selling and buying of assigned lands in Amaravati. All lands sold beyond 2 lakhs are undergoing scrutiny by IT department. CID has even written a letter to Enforcement Directorate too. If both ED and IT departments get into action, TDP will surely feel vulnerable.