[email protected]/kg – Any ideas on how we can save farmers?

Tomato@rs.5/kg – Any Ideas On How We Can Save Farmers?

Farming is a noble profession. Without farmers and soldiers, one can’t live comfortably in a country. Unfortunately, most of the people doesn’t care about valuing the hardship of the people in these professions.

What is the point of a soldier sacrificing his life at the border when people vote and support corrupted politicians and sell the country for their own financial gain? Similarly, what is the point of a farmer sacrificing his time and effort to fill the people’s tummy when we don’t even care if he is getting enough money for his basic needs?

Currently the farmers who have grown Tomatoes were not able to get money for their basic needs as the price fell to Rs.5/kg. Any ideas on how we can save these farmers from going bankrupt? Tomato can be used in various industries, like Tomato Ketchup, Pizza base Marina, Pickles, etc. May be the Indian government can develop special industries to take raw materials when the produce was high and sell as finished goods to International markets.