The first skin bank can come to Hyderabad.

The First Skin Bank Can Come To Hyderabad.

It plans to set up a skin bank in Hyderabad soon. If this hospital comes to Hyderabad, it will be the first skin bank in two twin Telugu states. Osmania General Hospital (OGH) receives an average of 100 burn patients a month.

Currently, both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh also do not have a skin bank, which disrupts large grafters. While patients with severe burns usually require large grafts, approximately half do not survive this Skin bank.

In the absence of this imaginary layer, many severely burned patients die quickly. The OGH Skin Bank, which will be the first in the twin states, could meet the demand of nearby states, as only one skin bank in the private sector is currently operating all over southern India.

Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. B. Nagender said, We have sent a proposal to the government to set up a skin bank. The Department of Plastic Surgery will manage it.