Telangana Government sensational decision on IAS officers

Telangana Bandh Today: Kcr’s Silence Shocks Many!

It has been only a week when the controversial IAS officers transfers took place in huge numbers. Even KTR came into the spotlight with that action with public suspecting if he is being prepared for a sudden Chief Minister appraisal. Now, once again there is an unexpected move by Chief Minister KCR. Nobody saw this coming.

The position of Joint Collectors designation is removed altogether. Out of plenty of positions that IAS officers are posted into, even Joint Collectors are one of them. This designation is replaced by Additional Collector. They have issued new appointment letters that all Joint Collectors are hereby Additional Collectors.

These Additional Collectors will be given special duties. One of them is to supervise and monitor the local institutions. The work of each department was delegated to each Collector to make the work of authorities more clarified and prioritized.