TDP’s ‘container of sand’ gift to married couples!

Chandra Babu Telugu Bulletin

TDP is coming up with innovative ways of expressing their opinion on the YSRC party. While YSRC is busy branding themselves by painting walls with YSRC colors and changing the names of various schemes to depict the greatness of YSR, TDP is moving ahead with distributing a ‘container of sand’ as wedding gift to the married couples.

Talari Kasi Naidu, Youth wing leader of TDP Anakapalle, came up with the thought of presenting ‘container of sand’ as wedding gift to a couple and highlighted the sand crisis in the state. It is known that TDP fired on YSRC on the sand crisis issue and Chandra Babu mentioned the same in all his recent meetings.

This act of presenting ‘container of sand’ is turning viral in the social media and is giving good recognition to the ongoing sand crisis issue. Apart from this, few people in Andhra Pradesh are not happy with the way their hard earned tax money is getting wasted through the demolition of few already constructed projects.