TDP’s Chaitanya Yatra from 17th – 45 days tour

Naidu Explains Jagan’s Strategy Behind Gn Rao Committee

Chandra Babu Naidu and TDP cadre took a vital decision in the Vijayawada meeting. It is known that the TDP tried to gather support on the Amaravathi issue but with limited time and resources, the party was not able to convince the entire state.

To educate the people on the loss they will be facing due to the existing government, TDP named the tour as Chaitanya Yatra. TDP leaders in all the constituencies will be interacting with the people and the local communities to explain on what the state will go through in the next few years.

The tour is planned for 45 days starting from Feb 17th and Chandra Babu Naidu is said to have asked all the leaders to complete the Yatra before the local elections. “Will this attempt by TDP be helpful for the party to regain people’s confidence?” Stay tuned to know the answer.