TDP leader abuses woman SI, based on her caste!

In the ongoing disturbances after the house-arrest of TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu, the TDP leaders are coming up with some controversial remarks against the AP police, which are now creating troubles to the high command of Telugu Desam.

After Atchennaidu was denied entry into Naidu’s residence, he was seen abusing the IPS officer as “useless fellow”. Adding to it, Nannapaneni Rajakumari’s comments worsened the situation even more. She tried to bring the caste in between the issue and thus made it uglier.

Nannapaneni tried to enter Naidu’s residence through Karakatta. But the police denied her entry and asked to leave the place, as it would create unnecessary disturbances among the TDP activists. Aggrieved over it, Nannapaneni reportedly went against a woman SI saying, “Dalithula thone ee Daridramantha.”

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In an issue that has no relation with the caste, the TDP leader, that too a woman, bringing the caste in between, is not going well with the netizens. Most of them are criticizing the woman leader opining that it is not fair on part of a public representative, to insult a particular community.