TB Special: Will Jr NBK strategy work this time?

Tb Special: Will Jr Nbk Strategy Work This Time?

Outsiders might not be knowing, but industry folks are definitely in the know that the silent killer more known as Junior NBK is quite a pro at enticing girls with movies. Sources say that he has not mended his ways despite his marriage and his manager also is hand in gloves with this actor.

He studies a heroine’s character properly and devises a strategy to attract her. What more does a heroine want other than another movie offer with him or a popular director he will be working with? This middle class looks have helped him get many movies and this time he will be playing the villain in his upcoming movie.

The news now is he harassed his costar when they went to the pre release in Warangal for an event. She even threatened him and a big one in the team silenced the issue.

Now another news is doing the rounds that he is acting again with this medico artiste soon. Is this second chance for her to agree to his terms and conditions or the lady is bindaas and knows how to keep him in his place?