TB Special: Rowdy boy perfectly knows the public pulse!

Photos: Aha Ott Platform Launch

Just like Ranveer Singh, Vijay Devarakonda’s sartorial choices have become a subject of discussion. Even before his launched his brand Rowdys, he made sure he was getting noticed because of his quirky dressing style. He is trying to make a fashion statement well aware that social media will pick it up.

Publicity in any form is publicity. Even for an interview held with Bollywood actors when he was a sole star from Telugu film industry, he went there not in formals but in shorts. What he thinks is cool might not be for others but the actor won’t care.

His energy matches with his costumes and he doesn’t shy away from experimenting. These days he is wearing head gears and variety of them. Last evening, he came dressed in one blue cap for AhA OTT platform launch and anchored the programme for a while.

Showing his gratitude to his Gita Govindam producers, but in the process, he used the appearance to promote himself. Vijay knows he is being clicked from the airport to where ever he goes, so let’s admire the effort he is putting in to look different.