TB Special: Naga Shaurya in tongue slip mode in public!

Tb Special: Will Mass Movies Work For Naga Shourya?

In an interview to Tammareddy Bharadwaj, Naga Shourya says behavior isn’t important, it is the result of the film that matters. To this Tammareddy gave a good explanation that behavior of an artiste is long standing.

In another interview to Jaffer he came down heavily on Venky Kudumula and referred to him in the first person like Vaadu and Veedu. He also was angry with him because Venky did not pick up his calls after Chalo became a hit.

Did Naga Shourya realise how it feels when a producer or someone from the film industry calls him and he doesn’t take calls. When he lies about not using a phone. Venky Kudumula was upset because Naga Shourya took away the credit, he said he had written the story when it was Venky alone who wrote it.

The interview reflected his culture and lack of respect for a fellow worker. His father had taken away the car and the talk is being spread that Venky stopped using it.