TB Special: Mahesh babu, is it really required?

We heard Vamsi Paidipally and Mahesh Babu will be flying to Switzerland soon and the former is going to narrate the story there; They both perhaps will sit amidst the Alps and hug each other after sealing it.

But that gives rise to a question. Do we need to go that far for a story narration?

Earlier Puri Jagan would fly to Bangkok and return in two weeks with a bound script, he had a soft corn for the beaches where he sits and wraps it up with dialogues with the help of his assistant directors.

There are a few who go to Ooty, some old timers sit in Suresh Guest House and some at the Annavaram temple for positive vibes.

Few directors sit in the cosy comfort of their homes, bedrooms and do it, not having the budget to travel.

A source cites Ramgopal Verma once said that story comes from the mind and not location.

All this is a part of fleecing producer’s money and wasting it even before the story or combination is locked.

The producer is perhaps happy to spend such an amount for the dates and considers this as an investment.