TB Special: Five reasons that make Whistle, a must watch

Kollywood star hero Vijay, has earned a decent market in Telugu too, after “Sarkar” has got a good attention in Andhra and Telangana. Anticipating the similar response, now the makers dubbed “Bigil” as “Whistle” in Telugu. As the film is getting ready for the release on 25th of this month, here are five reasons, that is making it a must watch.

1. Sports film

A star hero playing the role of a football coach of a women’s team, is the first major point that is attracting the audiences in Whistle. The trailer already showcased the significance of the game in the film. Reportedly, all the scenes related to football are going to play the major role in the film.

2. Vijay in a dual role

Though it is not the first time for Vijay to play the dual role, in Whistle, the super star is going to play such roles, in the crucial episodes of the film. Vijay will be seen in a total of three variations, out of which one is an out and out mass avatar, the other one is a stylish sportsman and the last one is a rugged football coach. It is the last role, that is drawing all the attention, as the trailer hinted that the role is going to have a negative shade.

3. Rs. 180 crores budget

Whistle is made with a whopping budget of Rs. 180 crores and it thus turned as the costliest film of Vijay’s career. The makers invested a bomb on real grounds and locations to shoot the football scenes. When theatre, digital and satellite rights are taken into consideration, Whistle has been sold for Rs. 210 Crores, thus making profits for the producers, even before the release.

4. A strong message on women empowerment

Unlike the star heroes films, where the entire story gets revolved around the hero alone, in Whitle, Vijay fights for the women and their rights. The film is going to discuss some serious points about women and explain the significance of them in the society.

5. Technicians of high profile

Whistle is the third collaboration of Vijay-Atlee, after two blockbusters Theri and Mersal. So the project has acquired an immediate attention. AR Rehman’s music, GK Vishnu’s Cinematography, Editor Ruben and several other technicians of high profile are working for Whistle. Nayanthara will be seen as a football player and also the real life football players took part in the film.

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Several such aspects are making Whistle, a most anticipated film of this Diwali. While Sarkar earned an attention of Telugu audience, hope the latest film opens up the market too for the Kollwood Super Star.