TB Inside Story: Sukumar faces high pressure from Stars

Exclusive: Sukumar’s Most Liked Film Facing Release Problems

We tend to think that the tier directors like Trivikram Srinivas or Sukumar never have any worries but the fact is they have their own problems at their level. Though the producers give them what they want, the heroes exert pressure from many angles.

Right from orders to take assistant directors to personal assistants, everything runs on recommendations.

Take for instance the new film that is going on sets in the banner of Mythri Movies. The hero’s maternal uncles Muttamsetty Brothers have been made partners in the film.

Now Allu Arjun wants Thaman as the music director whereas Sukumar wants Devisri Prasad. Finally, Sukumar going with DSP. The last time too when Rangasthalam was being made, Sukumar wanted Anupama Parameswaran as the heroine, the producers had paid her the advance too.

Meanwhile, Samantha who was on the threshold of getting married used her influence and saw to it that Anupama was evicted from the film.

The producers got away by apologizing to Anupama but her career nosedived after that incident. Today Samantha talks of being lucky to get the role in Rangasthalam and talks all nonsense.

The fact is the directors don’t get to choose the cast and crew they want. The hero always builds pressure on them.