TB BO Analysis: Disco Raja Vs Aswathama – What works and What not

Tb Bo Analysis: Disco Raja Vs Aswathama – What Works And What Not

The people in the Telugu States have spent 500 crores collectively on the festival season films. Though Kalyan Ram starrer Entha Manchivadavura became a disaster, people gave a good opening collection to Disco Raja.

The film would have been an average fare had it not come in the festival season and having been pitched with two major star movies within few days.

Chalo became a hit at the time when Agnyathavasi and Touch Chesi Chudu got bad talk, similarly, we hope that Aswathama works when Ravi Teja;s Disco Raja turned Turkey at the ticket window.

Next week onwards examinations for intermediate students begin and it will go on till March. April and May will be a similar situation. Let us see if the film industry will collect more money this onset of summer.