TATA Nano – Only one car got sold in 2019!

TATA is a huge brand in India and the company has been successful to major extent in most of the businesses. TATA Motors has an interesting and inspiring background where Ratan Tata found it tough to maintain the car manufacturing company and planned to sell it in the initial days to an American company. The American company humiliated Ratan Tata saying that if they buy TATA Motors it would be like doing a favor to the TATA group.

Responding to this, Ratan Tata chalked out improvement program for TATA Motors and the company later turned out to be a huge success which exported cars even to few European countries. At this stage, the American company was struggling with its Jaguar and Land Rover division and TATA Motor did a favor to that company by buying that unit and pushing the expensive car division into the profits.

This inspiring company launched TATA Nano in 2008 and this division currently sold just 1 car till now. In 2018, the TATA group planned to stop the production and this year till now, only one TATA Nano got sold and the group didn’t produce any Nano cars in this year. Lets hope that the Nano group which was formed with the intention to bring affordable cars to the people of India will come up with a better concept in future.