Sujana becomes a Lokesh of BJP!

It is known that Sujana Chowdary served TDP before the elections and made several good gestures towards the party Chief Chandrababu Naidu. But right after TDP faced a humiliating defeat in the last assembly and Lok Sabha elections, anticipating that there is no future to the party and also to self protect from the cases filed against him, the MP joined in BJP.

Of late, Sujana has been constantly criticizing Naidu. In the latest, the BJP leader said that Andhra Pradesh is suffering due to the families of two leaders- Chandrababu Naidu and YS Rajashekar Reddy. He opined that their corruption and policies impacted the state.

Sujana further showered praises on NTR, saying that though he founded TDP as a regional party, the Nandamuri leader always had a national spirit. He further tried to self defend, about his reason behind joining Telugu Desam, saying that he was not aware of the corrupt policies of Naidu in the initial years.

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Not one or two years, but Sujana served TDP for the last nine years and came out of the party, only after it lost in the election. So it is obvious that he would have continued in the party itself, if at all, TDP won the recent elections.

Being ignorant of the alleged corrupt policies for nine long years, is nothing but stupidity. The illogical comments of this sort, makes Sujana, a BJP’s Lokesh, whose comments often act as a prey for the trolls on the social media.