Special Focus: Unseen side of Balakrishna

Special Focus: Unseen Side Of Balakrishna

Natasimha Nandamuri Balakrishna is known as an aggressive person in Tollywood film industry. Few videos rounded in the media showing Balakrishna hitting his fans for some or the other reasons. This trend turned common after couple of such instances and when people think of Balakrishna offscreen, they picturize these instances. Even after Balakrishna turned into a politician, few people in Hindupur commented negatively on his approach of problem solving.

But there is another side of the ‘Legend’ and this side makes people think positively about the offscreen Balakrishna. An intermediate student named Swapna was diagnosed with Bone Cancer and as Swapna is struggling with financial issues, their family approached Balakrishna for help. The Nandamuri hero not just helped Swapna with the treatment at Basavatarakam Cancer hospital in Hyderabad but also assured the family that everything will be fine. Nandamuri family has a sensitive side towards Cancer patients and the same is observed in Balakrishna. So this Nandamuri hero is not just an aggressive star for the fans but also a kind hearted person.