Special Focus: TDP using Special Status strategy on YSRC

Jabardast Twitter Comedy Between Tdp & Ycp

Special status has been the point which showed immense impact on the last election results. TDP, in spite of holding good stand for few years after 2014 elections, failed to answer the people on the special status situation.

On one side, TDP tried to suppress people’s opinion on special status as the party is said to have reportedly agreed to special package by BJP. At the end, even when TDP tried to support people with special status slogans, it didn’t work out. YSRC used this point to win in the elections.

Now, TDP is trying to use the same strategy on YSRC. While the movement of the capital city is on progress, TDP leaders were questioning YSRC on why it is not asking for special status from the central government. “Will special status be a hot topic again in Andhra Pradesh?” is the question. Stay tuned to know the answer.