Sankranthi 2020: UA Box office Comparison- SLN vs AVPL who will emerge as the winner

Sankranthi 2020: Ua Box Office Comparison- Sln Vs Avpl Who Will Emerge As The Winner

Sankranthi war is intensified this year with two biggies are releasing in this festive season in a day’s gap. Though they first thought to have a direct release, producer’s guild intervened into the issue and sorted out. Sarileru Neekevvaru is releasing on January 11th and Ala Vaikunthapuramulo is hitting the screens on January 12th. It has been quite some time when two top heroes clashed at the box office. Though the heroes wished the other movies to be successful as well, war at box office is clearly on. There already has been a lot of anticipation over the prediction of day 1 numbers of both the movies according the scenarios. It is quite evident that Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun are going to score their career best Day 1 numbers with their respective movies.

In Nizam we have already predicted that Sarileru Neekevvaru has targeted 10 Cr share for Day 1 while for Ala Vaikunthapuramulo it is 8 Cr. We have discussed then that Sarileru is going to enjoy 1 day cushion as it is releasing in almost 80 percent of the theaters in the Telugu states. While Ala Vaikunthapuramulo is going to get 60 percent of the theaters.

This trend is going to be applicable to Uttarandhra region as well. Here Sarileru might collect around 4.6 Crores while Ala Vaikunthapuramulo might collect around 3.5 Crores. By looking at the comparison, Sarileru Neekevvaru has slight edge when compared to Ala Vaikunthapuramulo in Uttarandhra too. While for Day 1, Sarileru has the edge, we have to wait and see who will emerge as the winner in their respective full run as lot of external factors depend on the result.

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