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RGV’s Beautiful Movie Review


Rinny (Naina Ganguly), a happy going girl and Mayank Naidu (Soori) stays in the same colony and falls in love with one another. One fine day Rinny gets an opportunity as heroine and turns Super Star within no time. This brings distance between the couple. The consequences they faced later and succeeding conclusion forms the crux of Beautiful.


Naina Ganguly has given an average performance in the film. But she is decent in the climax episode. Soori is okay in parts.

Technical Performances:

Just like any other film, even in Beautiful, RGV has taken his liberty and went ahead with the skin shows. It may connect well with the C centre audience. Except limitless skin show and average climax, Beautiful has nothing much to speak on the positive part.

Ravi Shankar’s background score is good and so are the songs. Sira Sri’s lyrics are decent. The entire first half has been wasted with too many unwanted scenes. The actual story opens up in the second half which is age-old and boring to the core. Adding to it, every scene and dialogue appears too predictable.

Cinematography is weak. There is no proper focus or visuals to the scenes. Abhishek Ojha’s editing is too slow. Agasthya Manju who is appreciated for his directional skills in ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ surprisingly disappointed with Beautiful.


It is surprising to see RGV who once made brilliant films like Satya, Rangeela, now coming up with the utmost poor film like Beautiful. It seems, Agasthya Manju is travelling in the similar direction of his guru. They completely ignored the content and concentrated only on the skin shows. Except Naina Ganguly’s skin show that too in songs, Beautiful has nothing much to discuss.

Finally: Beautiful- very ugly.

Rating: 0.5/5