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Home Movie Reviews Review & Rating: Yedu Chepala Katha Movie

Review & Rating: Yedu Chepala Katha Movie

Cast: Abhishek Reddy, Bhanu Sree, Ayesha Singh, Meghana Chowdary
Producer: Shekar Reddy GVN
Director: Sam J Chaitanya
Music: Kavi Shankar


Ravi (Abhishek Reddy), Radha (Bhanu Sree) and another two friends, suffer with Thalassemia disease. They need change in their blood every month, without which they will die. Ravi falls in love with Bhavana (Ayesha Singh) and the latter gets pregnant without her notice.

Bhavana approaches Sunder (Sunil Kumar) who has an ability to talk to the spirits, to find out about the reason behind her pregnancy. How did she get pregnant and where is the much hyped character Tempt Ravi, arises in the entire plot? Watch the film to know the answers for all the questions.


Abhishek Reddy is decent in a few scenes and so are Bhanu Sree and Ayesha Singh. Even Sunil Kumar came up with an impressive performance.

Technical Performances:

A music bit, during the adult scene lead is good. Except that nothing more deserves any credit on the technical side of the film. Dubbing is neglected and editing is a total failure. Several scenes end abruptly without any logic. Even the flashback scenes have been explained in a confusing manner. There are loopholes in coloring and sounding too, which literally test the patience of the audiences.

Director Sam J Chaitanya has picked a story line that would be good to read on paper. But with the weak screenplay and boring scenes, he totally spoiled the script. As there is already a trend called horror-comedy, the director tried to bring in a new genre like Adult-horror, by mixing both the elements, ignoring comedy.

A spoof on Sri Reddy, a scene related to male prostitution and few other such scenes are good to some extent. Rest other scenes fail to impress in any manner.

Much to the worse, the mere intention of watching “Yedu Chepala Katha” has been ignored by the director. The censor officials completely chopped off several bold scenes. Not even a 10% of what was shown in the trailer, can be witnessed in the film, thus making it an incomplete film. It is disappointing to know that a director is not aware of what works after the censor and what not.


Yedu Chepala Katha, that has A certificate on its poster, cannot justify the certificate, as the total adult scenes in the film have been chopped off at the Censor level itself. So, if not the story, the people who wish to catch up the film at least for the adult scenes, get disappointed to the core. The film brutally failed in every department be it technical or non-technical, thus ending up as a huge dud.

Finally: Yedu Chepala Katha- A mega disappointment