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Home Movie Reviews Gaddalakonda Ganesh - Varun's Launch pad to "Mass"es

Gaddalakonda Ganesh – Varun’s Launch pad to “Mass”es

Title : Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Valmiki)
Star Cast : Varun Tej, Atharvaa, Pooja Hegde, Mrilanilni Ravi, Brahmaji, Rao Ramesh
Director : Harish Shankar
Producer : Reliance Entertainments
Releasing on : 20 September 2019

Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Valmiki) is a much-awaited movie from director Harish Shankar who is known for entertaining movies. Varun Tej has done a role with negative shades breaking his lover boy image, he appears in a full mass avatar as “Gaddalakonda Ganesh”. Harish Shankar made many changes to original Tamil flick Jigarthanda for Telugu audience. Movie came out with very high expectations amidst of tile controversy. Let’s get into the review of the movie.

Abhi (Atarva) wannabe film director faces insult in a movie shoot and takes an oath to direct a movie in an year. He wants to make a film with lead character having negative shades. He finds the rural gangster Gaddalakonda Ganesh. Abhi wants to know the story of Gani through his followers along with his friend Satya. Gani founds about about Abhi and suspects if he is following to kill him, later Abhi tells him that he wants to make a film based on Gani’s real life. Gani shares his life story and his lady love Sridevi (Pooja Hegde). Pooja and Gani gets separated due to certain situations. Gani wants to be the hero of the movie. Muni Manikyam trains Gani in acting. Abhi directs the movie and the movie becomes a huge success. The rest of the story is about how Abhi and Bujjamma (Mrinalini Ravi) gets married and how Gani gets changed in life.

Actors Performances:

Varun Tej steals the show, he excelled in Gaddalakonda Ganesh’s character as a ruthless gangster. His Telangana dialect is by far the best on Telugu screen by any hero. His histrionics, dialogue delivery and acting has took the movie to next level. No other Telugu hero could have done the role of Gaddalakonda Ganesh. Another proud moment for all Mega fans. Atarva has done a decent job as a wannabe film director. Scenes between Atarva and Mrinalini Ravi came out really well with good chemistry between them. Mrinalini Ravi has a good role, her role in first half is decent. Comedian Satya brings out laughter in audience with his acting in first half. Pooja Hegde role is short and sweet, she enthralled audience in the remake song. Brahmaji in second half has very comedy scenes, audience.

Technical Performances:

Harish Shankar who is known for his mass pulse and ability to take a story and adapt it to Telugu audience did a decent job in adapting this Tamil original. Comparing this flick to Gabbar Singh he is only successful 80%. First half of the goes very well with good elevation scenes and comedy. As we get into second half one might feel that the entertainment lacks and few emotional contents feels lengthy.

Whats Hot :
1. Varun Tej’s Performance
2. Dialogues/One Liners
3. Background Music
4. Songs
5. Mass elements
6. Brahmaji Comedy scenes in second half

What’s Not:
1. Lengthy second half
2. Emotional scenes not very effective
3. Editing

Final Verdict:

If you do not mind a bit lengthy second half, you may consider it watching once for terrific Varun Tej’s performance in Gaddallakonda Ganesh’s character and mass elements.