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Operation Gold Fish Review & Rating

Cast: Aadi, Sasha Chettiri, Nitya Naresh, Manoj Nandam, etc.

Producers: Prathibha Adivi, Katta Ashish Reddy, Keshav Uma Swaroop, Gari BH, Satish Degela

Music: Sri Charan Pakala

Direction: Sai Kiran Adivi

Release Date: October 18th, 2019

Sai Kiran Adivi, who is known for his class entertainers like Vinayakudu, Village Lo Vinayakudu, Kerintha, has this time up come up with an out and out action thriller called, “Operation Gold Fish”. Did the class films director, manage to handle the action flick too? Let us know through the detailed review below.


Indian NSG Commander Arjun (Aadi) and his team, nabs Ghazi Baba (Abburi Ravi), a Pakistan terrorist. The Pakistan terrorist group then gives Farooq (Manoj Nandan), the duty of getting Ghazi Baba back. It is then the “Operation Gold Fish” begins. What are the prospects of the operation and Did Ghazi Baba get released? Watch the film to know the answers for it.


Aadi as a strict military officer nailed his performance. Abburi Ravi as terrorist stand out. Manoj Nandam in the negative role comes up with a decent performance.
Jaipal Reddy visuals are great and so is the music by Sri Charan Pakala. Abburi Dialogues are good.

Plus points:

– Students kidnap episode

– The conversation between Abburi Ravi and Anish Kuruvilla in the pre-climax

– Interval block

– An action block in the climax

Minus points:

– Story and screenplay

– Weak emotions

– Comedy and love tracks in the first half

– Lack of any thrills

A sudden drop after the first 10 minutes disappoints the audience. The scenes in the college backdrop, especially the comedy track is not up to the expectations. So the first half falls flat. After a major twist gets revealed in the second half, the proceedings get slow till the pre climax. The climax reminds Vijay’s Tupaki movie.

Adding to it, several shots in the films also remind Shah Rukh Khan’s “Main Hoon Na”, thus making it a free make of the 2004 blockbuster. Neither the story, nor the screenplay of “Operation Gold Fish”, is attractive. The director failed in writing an engaging screenplay, which is much needed for the films of this sort. Even the emotional part is weak in the film.


The tagline called “based on true events”, has raised decent expectations on “Operation Gold Fish”. But the film, failed to make any such impact, as none of the elements appear real and are too filmy to watch. The director failed in using a strong emotion like the terrorism between India-Pakistan. Randomly, a few scenes impress, but overall, the film fails to create the magic, that is expected to happen, after watching the trailer.

Finally: A boring operation