Revanth Reddy showers praises on Pawan, what’s up?

Malkajgiri MP Revanth Reddy came up with some good gestures towards Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan. The firebrand leader recently took part in a TV Debate, about the drawbacks of Uranium Mining in Nallamala Forest.

When he was asked why Telangana leaders are involving Pawan Kalyan in the issue, Revanth Reddy said, “Pawan Kalyan did not get the success he deserved in the elections, but he has a good reputation in the Telugu States. If Pawan attempts anything, it is widely believed that he is doing it in the best interest of the society without any political gain. That is the reason, his views make a difference”

The comments of this sort cannot be expected from an opposite party leader, unless and until, the leader or his party is seriously looking for a great favor from the other leader. In that case, while Congress leader Hanumantha Rao met Pawan recently and another Congress Revanth Reddy is now showering praises on the Janaena Chief, does it indicate that the Congress is looking for the support of Pawan Kalyan?

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There is no proper leader to represent either Congress or BJP, in the Telugu states. While the BJP is trying to convince Pawan for representing the party in AP, it seems, the Congress is doing the same for growth of the party in Telangana.

But there are zero chances for Pawan Kalyan to join in any of the two national parties. However, it should be seen, whether he at least considers tying up with any of the two parties, for the political interests.