Ranarangam movie review

Casting: Sharwanand, Kalyani Priyadarshini, Kajal etc.

Music: Prashanth Pillai

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Sudheer Varma

Producer: Suryadevara Nagavamshi

Rating: 2.75/5


Ranarangam story is set back to 90s, when the government implemented liquor prohibition in the state. Deva (Sharwanand), along with his gang, brings liquor from other state and tries to sell it in the state. The local MLA, who comes to to know about this, tries to obstruct Deva and occupy their business. What are the hurdles Deva faced from the MLA, and how did he manage to overcome it is what forms the rest of the story.


Sharwanand as Deva is very natural. His intensity in the performance makes it even more realistic. Kalyani Priyadarshini as a traditional actress did well and Kajal on the other side, as a modern girl has given a good glamour treat on the screen.

Technical highlights:

Prashanth Pillai’s music, especially the background score elevated many scenes and took the intensity of the overall film to the next level. Even the cinematography presented the mood of the film perfectly. Production values are good.

Director Sudheer Varma picked a very ordinary script and tried to narrate it in a different manner. But it ended up confusing the audience, and thus they may not find it interesting.


The major drawback of Ranarangam is that it is an age-old story. Though the director still tried to convince the audience, by setting it in 90s backdrop, it still looks so unnatural and boring. Sharwanand’s performance, Kajal’s glamor and technical highlights are the plus points of Ranarangam.

Finally: Ranarangam- Improper execution