Punarnavi-Rahul issue going too far?

There is one particular female contestant in every season of Bigg Boss, where most of the unmarried male contestants fall back of, for her beauty. While it was actress Archana in the season 1 and Tejaswi Madivada in Season 2, it is Punarnavi Bhupalam in the ongoing Season 3. She was earlier seen in Uyyala Jampala movie and she is yet to make any impact in the films. But she was able to add enough glamour to the show.

Singer Rahul Sipligunj is mostly seen along with Punarnavi in the house, and their pair has become the most viral topic among the rest other issues happening in the house. In fact, even Nagarjuna hinted about their relationship and tried to tease the couple quite often, for which they both smiled and ignored commenting about it.

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Now Mahesh Vitta on one side and Ravi Krishna, on the other side, are also trying to get closer to Punarnavi. Ravi after getting injured in the task, is getting closer to Vithika, Punarnavi and other members of their group, for the kind of support he got from them, after he was injured.

Even Mahesh picked Punarnavi to dance along with her, when the song was about describing a girl’s beauty. However, the intentions of Ravi and Mahesh towards Punarnavi were not as open as Rahul.