Priyanka Reddy row: TS Lawyers gesture wins hearts

Telangana lawyers gesture in support of the Veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy is now winning the hearts all over.

The Federation of Telangana Bar Associations has announced that it is not going to take up the case, that forces them to defend the culprits behind Priyanka Reddy’s murder. The Federation has openly condemned the murder, adding that no lawyer will argue in the court on behalf of any of the four culprits.

Not stopping there, they further pledged that they will make sure that none of the culprits get bail and assured to fight till a proper justice is met. The gesture is now receiving appreciations from netizens, with most of them appreciating the lawyers saying that they stand as an inspiration to the lawyers community.

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Currently, the four killers involved in the case have been jailed in Shadnagar police station. A large section of the public are agitating outside the station demanding for the Capital punishment. Shamshabad DCP has tried to calm down the public by assuring them that the culprits will get an appropriate punishment soon.

The veterinary doctor’s murder has caught the attention of the local and national media. Several netizens are demanding to hang them in public, so that the issues of this sort do not repeat. As the situation is tight, the culprits seem having no way to escape and even a suitable justice is expected to be out shortly.