Police and politicians are not allowed to meet Priyanka Reddy’s family!

Nakshatra Villas in Shamshabad is the place where Priyanka Reddy’s family resides and this place turned busy due to the frequent visits of Police and the politicians from the past few days. Several politicians used to come to Priyanka Reddy’s home to express their condolence.

Responding to this, the locals of Nakshatra Villas locked the main entrance gates not allowing the Police and the politicians to get inside to meet Priyanka Reddy’s family. The locals further protested near the main entrance gate saying that the family of Priyanka Reddy doesn’t need any condolence but instead want justice.

The locals of Nakshatra Villas further sent out all the Police officials who are already present inside the complex and were allowing only the family and the common people to meet Priyanka Reddy’s parents.

Apart from the Nakshatra Villas residents, few celebrities and politicians too demanded severe punishment to the culprits. Most of them demanded death sentence to the culprits.