Pink slips: Series of layoffs in Indian IT companies!

Pink Slips: Series Of Indian It Companies Layoff Employees!

Indian IT companies are now on firing spree. As per the reports, Cognizant is laying off around 7000 employees and Infosys too is aiming for the same number. As a part of restructuring the organization, the companies are coming up with lay off plans and re-skill programs.

Most of the employees who are getting affected are mid level managers. With more and more employees receiving pink slips at the same time, it would be tough for the laid off people to get jobs immediately. Infosys is said to be giving chances to the low performing candidates to improve themselves and perform up to the expectations before finally giving the pink slips, in case the performance doesn’t meets the expectations.

As the IT industry is moving at rapid pace with new technologies and automation coming into picture, IT professionals are expected to keep up with the pace by upgrading themselves. The people who were not able to cope up with the trend are getting affected.