Pic Talk: Regina exposes that extra edge

Started with SMS, Regina Cassandra was able to bag her first notable success with Kottha Janta. But with the numerous debacles in hand, Regina had to face the tag called “Iron Leg” in a short time and had been since then finding it tough to make it big in the film industry.

After a long time, now, Regina received a good success with Evaru, that has Adivi Sesh as the male lead. If not for performance, Regina was able to raise the heat with her liplock and also other romantic scenes in the film. Now taking it to the next level, the actress has released the pictures of her recent photo shoot, that are now going extremely viral on the internet.

It is quite common for the actresses to participate in the photo shoots. But Regina, who is mostly known for her neat attires in the films, came up with a cleavage show, shocking all her fans and followers.

Adding to it, she is revealing that extra edge in her cleavage, where it cannot be expected from an actress of her kind. As Regina is clearly hinting that she is ready to go any edge in terms of glamour for the films, it should be seen, whether she manages to bounce back with the crazy offers or not.