Pic Talk: Naina Ganguly spices it up

Pic Talk: Naina Ganguly Spices It Up

The advantage, heroines have, when they get introduced from director Ram Gopal Varma’s compound is that they an immediate attention, in spite of the performance of the film at the box office. Right from Urmila, the trend had been continuing over the years.

Naina Ganguly, who was introduced in Vangaveeti, rose to fame with the controversial short film called “Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chaahti Hain”. The actress, who is popular on the Web platforms, has been trying to get an identity on silver screen too, for which the actress has been vigorously trying through the photo shoots.

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Recently, Naina has posted some pictures, in which she was steamy. Exposing the armpits, is one dare stunt that, not many prefer to come up with. But Naina could do it in style.

More than the cleavage show, which is supposed to top the exotic part of the picture, it is the way she is trying to bite her one side of the shoulder and hold the other, tightly, that makes the picture super hot. Adding to it, the water that can be witnessed in the sensitive areas, is a bonus to the already existing eroticism in the picture.

Pic Talk: Naina Ganguly Spices It Up