Petition after petition, Andhra farmers are determined

Serious Situation In Amaravathi – Lathi Charge On Farmers

Farmers of Andhra Pradesh feel threatened with the latest 3-Capital bill. They have tried their best by showcasing protests and discontent in various occasions. But since things seem considerably favorable towards the State Government, farmers are trying their best to see throught a way out of it.

During the then CM Chandra Babu Naidu’s government, the lure of better sale was offered and huge funds were made by announcing Amaravati as the State capital. Everybody felt that this was something irreversible and went ahead with full thrust in investing all their monies into the real-estate.

Five years fast forward, tables have been reversed and nobody saw this coming unless of course, few politics enthusiasts like me! With CM Jagan ordering to shift the Government offices to Kurnool, farmers have challenged the move in the High-Court.

According to the petition, farmers argue that the G.O no.13 is illegal and the hearing on this is likely to be scheduled this Tuesday i.e tomorrow. Let us see how the suspense is going to end and if at all it has an end or not.