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Pawan turns into political Gabbar Singh..!

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Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan may appear as a failure to many common people around the state. There are many obvious reasons to think so such as all his fans didn’t turn as voters and the lack of determination in his supporters and the wrong merger with TDP and so on.

The main thing is Pawan’s inability to win in both constituencies he contested from which will hit the morale of any party supremo.

Around all these jolts some political analysts still opine Pawan has many things to keep his head high. His success can be seen from the people who look at things from ground level as Pawan Kalyan has set a new trend in the state that no opposition party in the history of the state politics didn’t achieve.

Since Pawan’s political entry he has seen two governments and dictated some terms being the people’s leaders. During the TDP governance, he is the one who brought up the long-lasting and forgotten ‘Uddahanam’ issue and the state government took immediate action to control the damage. Many dialysis centers were established and in tribal areas, ANMs and doctors were appointed.

Coming to Amaravathi, the TDP government adopted a biased land acquisition policy and Pawan warned them that he will protest with 1lakh farmers if they didn’t back off and the CBN’s government eventually did the same being left with no choice. After the elections, the government has changed but not Pawan’s influence on the ruling party.

Time to time, Pawan forced the government to work for the people by unearthing many understated issues. For example, Jagan introduced a new policy to control illegal sand mining in the state soon after Pawan reported on it on a high note with an exclusive video. Pawan really dictated terms in many issues like them.

Recently, Sugali Preethi’s rape and murder was dumped into the trash and deviated by peer political pressure and high influence until Pawan took this injustice seriously and conducted a huge rally in Kurnool. Jagan’s government immediately felt the wave and handed the case to CBI within hours which is a moral victory for Janasena.

These actions from Janasenani remind us of his words from the past that he is not the one who came into politics to enjoy the power but the one who came to restore the people’s power which has been constantly ignored by the public for ages.

He himself established as a people’s leader with no strength in assembly and we can see many wonders from him that influence the government to work for people’s welfare focussing on real issues.

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