Pawan should learn ‘how to fight’ from this ‘thope Leader!!

Pawan Kalyan’s New Look

The Bharatiya Janatha party is in one of its critical times as their stronghold on the country is being loosened constantly. After facing bitter results in Maharashtra and Chattisgarh, they went clueless in Delhi polls. There are bleak chances of their survival in the upcoming Bihar and Bengal polls.

On the other side, Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan joined hands with this party which is in a devastating state. To be honest, in 2014, the TDP got benefitted from Pawan Kalyan and BJP had hardly any role to play at that time. Andhra Pradesh people never considered Bharatiya Janatha Party as an alternative except for few sympathizers here and there.

Pawan Kalyan should have trusted his strength just like Kejriwal did. Kejriwal was under tremendous pressure when Aam Aadmi Party was established and he even had the worst times when he gave up his Chief Minister post within 49 days after elected as CM. He stood strong and smashed BJP to ground in two straight assembly polls even though BJP is the power at the center both times.

Pawan got no mileage through his alliance with BJP. Instead, he got constant criticism fro the opposition and many of his Janasainiks are deeply disappointed with his decision.

Pawan could have increased his mileage and made himself a notable force in the state if he had fought with BJP at this opportunistic phase. Nothing is out of hands yet and Pawan will definitely know the way out if he thinks wisely.