Palnadu row: Who won, who lost?

Alleging that the TDP sympathizers faced attacks from the YRSCP leaders in the state, the Telugu Desam called for a public rally in Palnadu, the name of “Chalo Atmakur”. Worried over it, the ruling party was successful in house-arresting TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu and many other leaders at their respective residences.

The issue went viral across the country and even the national media kept a special focus on it. The netizens said that restricting opposition leaders from stepping out of their residences shows the insecurity of the ruling party. Democracy is also the point to be discussed here.

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Now at the end of the day, the question arises that who won in the entire issue? Did the ruling party win by restricting the TDP leaders to their residences? Or did the opposition party win, as the TDP sympathizers were sent to their villages by the AP police?

On the other side, the sympathizers opine that it is them who finally got effected in every possible way, due to the clashes. If at all the police responded to the issue in time, it would not had led to such serious circumstances. So it is clear that it is the failure of the ruling party.