Ola bikes: First case registered in Telangana

Ola Bikes: First Case Registered In Telangana

Ignoring customer even after confirming the trip has proved costly to Ola Bikes in Hyderabad. Sai Teja, a Hyderabad techie has booked a Ola Bike at 10.30 pm on the 18th of this month to travel from Gachibowli Mind Space to Banjara Hills Road No.12. The driver has confirmed the trip but failed to attend the customer.

As it had been getting delayed, Sai Teja then called him over the phone asking him to come quickly. But shockingly, the driver then asked him to cancel the trip as he is unwilling to come. Aggrieved over it, Sai Teja then called even Ola who has not turned up for any support.

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The techie then took the issue to police and filed a case against the driver. As Police has right to consider the case under the MV Act, they issued a fine of Rs. 500 on the driver and even collected the amount from him. The police informed that it is the first of its kind case in Telangana.