Official: JD clarifies about his exit from Janasena

As a few of the prominent leaders have walked out of Janasena recently, even JD Laxmi Narayana, was anticipated to leave the party, as he is not much seen in the review meetings of Janasena.

As the rumor of his exit has gone extremely viral all over the social media, to put an end to it, JD Laxmi Narayana, has clarified about it through the official Facebook page of Janasena Party.

“I am surprised & shocked about Rumours being floated since morning about me. There is a saying – Rumors are carried by Haters, Spread by Fools, and accepted by Idiots.

Decide to which category you belong. I will be with Janasena till the President feels that I’m useful to the party. Please don’t waste time on such rumours and rather use it for helping the flood affected, planting saplings, clearing areas of plastic, motivating youth and many more. Jai Hind,” JD posted.

From the kind of background, JD came, his entry into Janasena, has brought a good boost to the party. His intellectual thoughts and the way of taking forward the social issues has impressed many. If there is someone, who can draw heavy crowds after Pawan Kalyan, it is only JD from Janasena.

So his contribution to the party has turned significance and so the rumors of his exit have worried Pawan fans at large. But finally, as the ex-CBI has clarified that he is going to stay in the party, it can be considered as a good relief to the Janasainiks.