Nirbhaya case culprit’s final attempt – Curative petition

Nirbhaya case has been in the court for long time and the culprits were finally given death sentence, which is to be executed at 7AM on 22nd January, 2020 in Tihar Jail. The culprits have made all the attempts to get out of the case but the court turned all of them down.

The fate of the Disha case culprits raised hopes in the Indians on the aspect of justice. After seeing the people reaction and the situation, majority of the supporters for Nirbhaya case culprits stopped their support. India’s president Ram Nath Kovind too is not in the thought of giving relief to Nirbhaya case culprits from the death sentence.

But one of the culprits in Nirbhaya’s case Vinay Sharma decided to use the final attempt of curative petition to see if he gets a chance to live. Stay tuned to know the response of Supreme Court on the curative petition.