Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene (NVNN) movie review

Direction: Karthik Raju

Producers: Daya Pannem, Sandeep Kishan, Viji Subramanian

Casting: Sandeep Kishan, Anya Singh, Posani, Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishare etc.

Rating: 2. 75 / 5


Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene takes off in the year 2035. Arjun (Karthick Naren) and Madhavi (Malavika Nair), two research scholars meet a psychiatrist (Murali Sharma) regarding a peculiar case that took place in the past. Then the story dates back to 2013.

Rishi (Sandeep Kishan) and Diya (Anya Singh), a happily married couple meets with an accident. The same night, the couple faces a shock of life, after finding different identities in the mirror, rather than their original faces. Shocked over it, the couple then meets a psychiatrist Murali Sharma. Who are the new couple in the mirror and how is their story related to the main lead couple is what answers the rest of the film.


Sandeep Kishan came up with a brilliant performance in NVNN. Especially, in emotional scenes, his performance raised the bar of the content. Heroine Anya Singh delivered below average acting skills, but is good at glamour. Murali Sharma and Posani Krishna Murali got substantial roles in the film and they lived up to the expectations. Vennela Kishore’s role is as important as a hero’s role in the film. His comedy timing evokes few laughs, but may work only to some extent.

Technical side:

Director Karthik Raju has picked an interesting story line, but he failed in executing it properly. While the first half is smooth, second half is where, the director found it trouble to make it engaging. Several scenes have been dragged beyond an extent and appear boring. Thaman’s background score is good. The camera work is decent and editing could have been better as there are several scenes which could have been chopped off easily to make the film a bit more engaging.


The concepts of this sort demand a gripping narration. But the director failed in providing any such thing for NVNN. At some point, he leaves the audience in deep confusion with several unanswered questions. The pace that is witnessed in the first half cannot be seen in the second half, which is what disturbs the audience mood. Sandeep Kishan acting and background score are the major highlights of NVNN.

Finally: NVNN- Good concept, bad execution.