New Drama: Katthi Mahesh turns anti-Jagan

We all are aware of the ruckus created by the film actor and director Katthi Mahesh before the assembly elections. Though he is being mentioned as a film personality, he came into limelight for his controversial comments on top actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan.

All his statements earlier were in the favour of the AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy though he claimed himself as neutral. Finally, he was banned from the Hyderabad city by the Police.

Now, here is his new drama which opposes Jagan’s decisions. It is known that the recent decisions took by the Jagan is disturbing the peace in the state and utilising this situation Katthi raised to the occasion out of nowhere.

He criticises the Jagan’s ‘Amma Vodi’ plan for a sub-plot in the Government Order. “I strongly condemn AP government’s attempt to deviate SC sub-plan funds to “Amma odi” scheme. Similar attempts by CBN’s government crippled the development of SCs in AP. Now the same attempt cannot continue,” Mahesh said in a Facebook post mentioning the G.O on the ‘Amma Vodi’ scheme.

Many people started to question his knowledge on these political issues. They said that they were fed up with his irritating behaviour. No matter whatever his point is…. How bad people troll him… already many news channels would have been rushing for Mahesh now.